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Brett & Elizabeth Wedding | Abilene Wedding Photographers

  • holley - these are beautiful!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Jay - These are so fantastic!!! What beautiful photos…and such a fun night! Congratulations #ElizaBrett!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Kathy McPherson - Micah,
    I realize you had great subjects to work with in Elizabeth & Brett but your pictures are absolutely wounderful!! Thank you so much!


  • Barbie - Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding! Love the pictures.REPLYCANCEL

  • Patricia Fogle - Those pictures exemplified the wedding so well. Elizabeth was absolutely gorgeous, and the pictures caught different angles of all her beauty. They caught the serious, scared funny side of Brett, I have never seen. The brides maids, the colors of the contrast and greenery was fantastic. Loved all the men standing by the old fence. It really showed the rustic and beauty of the whole event. The sparklers and couple leaving was the very best. Such love, happiness and fun was captured in ways that were astounding. I would never hesitate to use these photographers if I ever have an event that needed to be well captured. The pictures depicted the very best parts of each event at the wedding.REPLYCANCEL

  • Pam Austin - Micah you are an amazing photographer. Of course you had the best subjects to work with. But sincerely, you are an artist with a camera.REPLYCANCEL

  • summer - This is the second wedding I’ve been in with this photographer. Class act from top to bottom. LOVE THESE PHOTOS. LOVE THIS COUPLE!REPLYCANCEL

  • Cindy Williams - These pictures are amazing!! Great couple, Great night, Great pictures!


  • Lydia - Oh my goodness!! What beauty! These absolutely capture the fantastic day!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Coleen Monnat - Great Pictures Lizard and Brett! Beautiful couple, beautiful night!REPLYCANCEL

  • Donnie - Oh my…they captured the mood EXACTLY! So many beautiful images of such a wonderful couple!REPLYCANCEL

  • Laura Austin - Such a fun wedding a beautiful couple!! The pictures turned out amazing!REPLYCANCEL

  • Ginny Smith - Gorgeous!!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Kari Kunze - Stunning Pictures! Amazing Couple! Beautiful Wedding! Priceless Day!REPLYCANCEL

  • Janice Collins - These photographs captured the love, beauty, joy, and fun of this special wedding! Brett and Elizabeth are a beautiful couple!REPLYCANCEL

  • Sue Mahood - Wonderful pictures. Fantasty wedding from beginning to end.REPLYCANCEL

  • Sue mahood - Thank u for giving us beautiful memoriesREPLYCANCEL

  • Elizabeth - Micah! These are beyond what I could have imagined. What a blessing you were to us during the chaos and fun! You and Whitney were a dream to work with, and we couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you thank you thank you!!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Shelby Shah - Looking good elizabrett. These are the bombdiggity!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Jennifer Smith - Love these photos as much as I love Elizabeth and Brett!REPLYCANCEL

  • Rodney Busby - Beautiful wedding, pictures, and bride. Maybe some day I’ll meet the groom. Congratulations to both !!!REPLYCANCEL

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