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  • Juanita - Amazing pictures so beautifulREPLYCANCEL

  • Krista Jeffcoat - Just beautiful!REPLYCANCEL

  • Lauren jones - Beautiful couple, beautiful pictures.REPLYCANCEL

  • Jennifer Moore - So beautiful! What a match made in heaven!!! So excited for this beautiful couple. 🙂REPLYCANCEL

  • gina - Beautiful people beautiful picturesREPLYCANCEL

  • valerie garza - Such a beautiful wedding!!REPLYCANCEL

  • kathleen - Absolutely beautiful!REPLYCANCEL

  • Cathy Rodriguez - Lovely! What a unique and beautiful wedding!REPLYCANCEL

  • Graciela Hermosillo - Beautiful pictures:)REPLYCANCEL

  • Jennifer Martinez - These pictures are so beautiful. My sister looks so geargeous and happy on her special day!REPLYCANCEL

  • Yari - Looks like it was such a fun day, full of lots of love!!! Congrats Paul and Yuri. Bless you both!REPLYCANCEL

  • Brittany Rivest - Beautiful!!REPLYCANCEL

  • paul Huntington - These wedding photos look amazing!!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Todd Pennartz - Beautiful pictures Yuri and Paul!!! I love your colorful dress, Yuri. And Paul, yours is purty too!!


  • Victoria Galindo - Such a beautiful couple! Amazing work!
    Congratulations Huntingtons!!!REPLYCANCEL

  • April Woolsey - Beautiful couple an amazing picturesREPLYCANCEL

  • Judy Hall - It was an amazing ceremony and it looks like you captured it beautifully. Great job!REPLYCANCEL

  • Erica gamboa - Omg you had a beautiful wedding congrats to both of youREPLYCANCEL

  • Corrine Cano - These are just beautiful pictures!REPLYCANCEL

  • Katelyin - This is so beautifulREPLYCANCEL

  • Carol Garcia - Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple!REPLYCANCEL

  • Charlene Burgess - Hello Yuri! I can see that you were able to weave so many Sri Lankan details into the ceremony. The pics where the guys carried you down the aisle resembles scenes from One Night with The King. The photographers vividly captured the details. God Bless You!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Lerlyn - These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! I love them ALL.
    Great job!!!! I’ll definitely keep you ladies in mind for my special day!REPLYCANCEL

  • Tiffany - These are so pretty!REPLYCANCEL

  • Michelle Basualdo - Amazing wedding God bless you both with love and joy for many many years to comeREPLYCANCEL

  • Marlins Beauchamp - Amazing!!! Absolutely Amazing!REPLYCANCEL

  • Tammie Wade - Yuri, so very happy for you and Paul! You are both absolutely gorgeous! May the blessings of God overtake you! Love you much!


  • kaye hoffine - what a beautiful wedding……great picsREPLYCANCEL

  • Lisa - Amazing pics Yuri! I love the one oF your tiptoes 😉REPLYCANCEL

  • Brandi - So beautiful! So you!REPLYCANCEL

  • Dani Adams - Congrats!!!! Very beautiful couple!!! So happy for you both!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Lorina Fernandez - Beautiful photos, you look amazing!REPLYCANCEL

  • Tonya Helmandollar Almodovar Soto - Wow! Amazing! Wish I could have been there. Bless you sis.REPLYCANCEL

  • Savannah - This was an amazing wedding for two amazing people. The photographer did an amazing job in captering the beauty.REPLYCANCEL

  • Jonanthan - Amazing pictures from the weddingREPLYCANCEL

  • Josiah Garcia - Wow!! Amazing pictures. I love the colors you guys chose!REPLYCANCEL

  • Matthew Gifford - Omg sis, you guys are so beautiful!!! I’m so happy for you!REPLYCANCEL

  • Miriam Cardenas - omgsh the pictures are so beautiful, congrats to the both of you. Love you(:REPLYCANCEL

  • Katlyn Mcullough - Awe! These are soooooo good!!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Ariana - I love the pictures!!!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Laura - Beautiful pictures yurt.REPLYCANCEL

  • Stefani Jared - The most beautiful bride ever!! So happy for you twoREPLYCANCEL

  • Valarie Karl - Awesome pictures!! Awesome people!!❤️REPLYCANCEL

  • Melina - Beautiful couple with a beautiful future in sight! Many blessings to the newlyweds and great job capturing these great memories, Micah!!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Brenda Roberts - The wedding was as amazing as this couple! Beautifully captured! Moments to last a lifetime. Love you both!REPLYCANCEL

  • Christina higareda - Beautiful pictures great job captured such a beautiful couple and wedding!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Jason Williams - Great pix of great people!REPLYCANCEL

  • Elijah Sanchez - Amazing pictures! They’re so pretty!REPLYCANCEL

  • Dennis Hall - Great photos of one of the most memorable experiences I’ve shared. Thanks for capturing it so well. Blessings to the awesome couple, Paul & Yuri!REPLYCANCEL

  • BraShana Woolsey - Beautiful couple. Beautiful wedding.REPLYCANCEL

  • Gabriel Stallings - Blessings to the newlyweds!REPLYCANCEL

  • Betty Ann Ramirez - this are awesome picture love them God Bless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Gloria W. - I love the pics. Simply beautiful!! Congrats/best wishes to you both.REPLYCANCEL

  • Pamela - beautifulREPLYCANCEL

  • Jessica Gonzales - Absolutely amazing ceremony for a beautiful couple. Love you two so much.REPLYCANCEL

  • Euphemia Knowles - Beautiful. Congratulations!REPLYCANCEL

  • Griselda Ponce - Beautiful couple❤️REPLYCANCEL

  • Brad Kirk - What can i say!? I cant express the gratitude i have for these newlyweds I love them both and have a soft spot in my heart for them both..Their family! Im elated for these two, for not only the future they hold but all the places their going to touch.. God sure knows what hes doing Love yall 2

    P.S. Wolfpack meeting asap!REPLYCANCEL

  • Jonathan Beauchamp - Omg I love them smREPLYCANCEL

  • Jessica gonda - U look beautiful my friend breath taking.REPLYCANCEL

  • Evelyn Ramirez - Wow, I know I’m getting a pic right?REPLYCANCEL

  • Macoy Garcia - So beautifulREPLYCANCEL

  • Antonia Martinez - Beautiful pictures loved them all their amazingREPLYCANCEL

  • Valerie - Love the pictures y’all are the cutest couple ever!REPLYCANCEL

  • Johnny Maltos - So pretty. I speak Punjabi by the way! LolREPLYCANCEL

  • Laureen C Manyoma - Pics are over the top amazing. Beautiful and exquisite.REPLYCANCEL

  • Byron Sellers - Beautiful couple congratulationsREPLYCANCEL

  • Katherine - Omg!!! Yuri, you look like a beautiful princess!! Love it!!! Beautiful wedding!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Jasmine ramos - Beautiful pictures! Love that she was able to capture every special moment for you guys! Congratulations ❤️REPLYCANCEL

  • Sierra - These pictures really are so pretty! Congrats y’allREPLYCANCEL

  • Nichole Ellington - Sooo beautiful!!!! Plus, purple is my favorite color♡♡ Great pictures capturing the love and devotion to Christ and each other. God made some beautiful cultures. I love the vibrant colors and creativity. I’m so happy for you two! Your photographer did a great job. 🙂REPLYCANCEL

  • Shelly Sharp - Love you both. Beautiful pictures.REPLYCANCEL

  • jane Ann Pichler - wonderful pictures. they will be cherished for many years. you make a great couple. beaming with love and happiness. love jane annREPLYCANCEL

  • Judy Walker Hall - Beautiful Wedding with this beautiful couple! Love you both so much! Great job with all the amazing pictures!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Brighton - CoolREPLYCANCEL

  • Lorraine Mata - Amazed by the pictures, so beautiful they came out. Thank you for invitation- lovely wedding, memorable wedding that will last forever in my memories and I’m sure it will always be for you as well. Blessings to you both!!!! Love you.REPLYCANCEL

  • Yessica - Everything is just beautiful. Congratulations my gorgeous friend.REPLYCANCEL

  • Lisa brownrigg - Amazing! Beautiful! Loved the pics!REPLYCANCEL

  • Cookie Robinson - Absolutely Gorgeous! So wonderful to have moments captured so beautifully. These images will last a lifetime, just like your love for one another, congratulations!REPLYCANCEL

  • Veronica - Lovely pictures, amazing people and gorgeous wedding!! Congrats!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Heather mckay - Love these! You look beautiful! ❤️REPLYCANCEL

  • Ben mckay - Great photos!REPLYCANCEL

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