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  • Sarah Blanchard - I love them all!!!! I can’t possible choose just one favorite! Thank you Allison and Micah for the amazing job! Can’t wait to see the rest!REPLYCANCEL

  • Ashley - Beautiful family!REPLYCANCEL

  • Taylor Crabb - Love these photos and this sweet family! My favorite is the second picture!REPLYCANCEL

  • Mona Kim - I love all your pictures! She is so adorable <3REPLYCANCEL

  • Sandra - So precious!!! I love the last one, such a happy girl!REPLYCANCEL

  • Christal Gailes - I have no idea how I could just comment on one! I love them all!!! What a beautiful family inside and out! Just precious!!! Here are some of my favorites if I have to pick some. In order from most favorite 😀 #10, #11, #5 and #1. Sutton is just precious Sarah!REPLYCANCEL

  • Lynsey Smith - My favorite is #10 but they are all soooo cute!! Love em’!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Carrie Mayon - I ❤ every one of these pics. Excellent photography !!!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Candice Turner - These are such beautiful pictures!!! Cannot believe sweet Sutton is about to be one!!! Her smile brightens our day!! Love you guys!!! ❤️REPLYCANCEL

  • Carly Hinojosa - 3,6,11! All are my favorite though! Miss y’all!REPLYCANCEL

  • Laura Blanchard - Beautiful!!!! Impossible to pick 1 or 2? I guess I’ll have to have one of each!!! 😊REPLYCANCEL

  • Elizabeth Armendarez - I like #3 & #10 best but they are all absolutely adorable!! Y’all are a beautiful family!!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Jolie - They’re all so cute, but maybe the fourth onrREPLYCANCEL

  • Meg ahea - Love themREPLYCANCEL

  • Jules - These are great, they made my day when Sarah shared this morning! Thank you!REPLYCANCEL

  • Laura Blanchard - Beautiful! Can’t pick 1 or 2. I’d like one of each please!!!!😊REPLYCANCEL

  • Andrea Shanahan - Gorgeous pictures!REPLYCANCEL

  • CB - What a great looking family. Love all of you very much!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Crystal Callahan - I love all these pictures! Such a beautiful family.REPLYCANCEL

  • Valerie Duncan - These are absolutely beautiful. What a perfect little family!REPLYCANCEL

  • Kathy Bell - Omg how adorable!! Everyone looks so happy!! Great job.REPLYCANCEL

  • Laura - Awesome pics! #11 is my fav!REPLYCANCEL

  • Sam Peet - Love them all! What a beautiful family. #3, #11 & #12 are my favorite 😃😃REPLYCANCEL

  • D'Ann - They are all so stinking cute! I love the last on in this series. Sutton has the personality.REPLYCANCEL

  • Vicki Kurby - Love them allREPLYCANCEL

  • Stacey - They are all great… impossible to pick just one… really like 2, 8, 10 & 11.REPLYCANCEL

  • Teresa Mayon - My favorites are 2,4,8.and 11. They are such a beautiful family filled with love.REPLYCANCEL

  • Stacey Allen - They are all great! My favorites are 2, 8, 10 &11.REPLYCANCEL

  • Susie Gregory - Beautiful! Love them!REPLYCANCEL

  • Stephanie Sims - What a cute little family! These pictures are amazing!REPLYCANCEL

  • Pamela Day - Priceless! Love everyone of them!
    Beautiful memories being made, you need to keep
    this photographer!REPLYCANCEL

  • Ashley Martinez - beautiful pictures!!! ❤️REPLYCANCEL

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