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Richard & Julia Engagement | Abilene Wedding Photographer


  • Julia - Love these! Micah you are amazing!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Patty - Most excellent! Beautiful artistry.REPLYCANCEL

  • Tarah - Wow gorgeous couple and pics! Great job Micah, on capturing God’s beautiful creations.REPLYCANCEL

  • Kandace young - So cute!! Love that you used grandmas blanket and all the locations are awesome!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Brooke - Wow! These are amazing! Excellent job!REPLYCANCEL

  • Kristen - Wow! These are beautiful! Love them!REPLYCANCEL

  • Kenneth - Beautiful picturesREPLYCANCEL

  • Carla - Beautiful couple. Beautiful pictures!! Can’t wait until the big day.REPLYCANCEL

  • Danny - Omg. I love them!! They seem to have captured your joy and love for each other on film. A rare feat indeed.REPLYCANCEL

  • Corbin Young - Beautiful pics of an awesome couple at an amazing location. Great job!REPLYCANCEL

  • Michelle Peugh - These are great!! Gorgeous!! You captured their joy and love!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Kaitlyn Dunn - Those dare gorgeous! Love the locations, especially the lake pictures!REPLYCANCEL

  • Maegan Fine - Beautiful!!! I love how ya’ll included Penny!! So cute!REPLYCANCEL

  • Rhonda - Looking pretty and pretty excitedREPLYCANCEL

  • Yvonne - ❤️ Amazing pictures!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Kathryn Scott - Beautiful couple!REPLYCANCEL

  • MaryClaire Swallow - How beautiful!! I am still over the moon excited for y’all!

    PS Penny has grown so much!! Love you!REPLYCANCEL

  • Terri Pye Weatherford - LOVE your photos!!! So happy for you both!REPLYCANCEL

  • Shelby byrd - Yall look so good! Love these and can’t wait for the wedding. Love you both!REPLYCANCEL

  • Molly Marriott - These are incredible! This should be in a wedding magazine for so many reasons! This is just so gorgeous and you two are too pretty!REPLYCANCEL


  • Amanda Taylor - These are breathtaking!!! They really capture the beauty of two people in love!!! Awesome job!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Alyshia Harter - Y’all look so good. Love all of them. 🙂REPLYCANCEL

  • Lynn privett - Congrats !!REPLYCANCEL

  • Cassie McDaniel - Beautiful pictures with beautiful people!REPLYCANCEL

  • Courtney Wilmoth - These are gorgeous, Julia! So happy for you!REPLYCANCEL

  • Meagan Raschke - So beautiful!!REPLYCANCEL

  • Sheree Denny - What a beautiful place to have pictures made of this young couple in love! Love you both!💞REPLYCANCEL

  • Jacee Cunningham - Beautiful couple!REPLYCANCEL

  • Tiffany Goswick - Cute picturesREPLYCANCEL

  • Leisha - These pictures are great … Beautiful people make beautiful photos !REPLYCANCEL

  • Sherella Lewis - Beautiful pictures!REPLYCANCEL

  • Jeff Scott - Nice pics…that baby looks like her dad.REPLYCANCEL

  • James - Awesome pics. Great scenery!REPLYCANCEL

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