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We know that choosing outfits for your session can be a lot of pressure, and we testify that an awesome outfit can make a photo shoot even that much more amazing. So, we have spent time compiling tips and images (for you visual learners!) that make great photo shoot ensembles. Hope this is more than helpful!:)

3 Quick Outfit Ideas For Her:

Short Dress + Leggings + 3 Quarter Length Cardigan + Flats + Long Necklace

Skinny Jeans/Jeggings + Long Shirt + Belt + Headband + Pumps

Skirt + Blouse + Scarf + Wedges + Assorted Bracelets

3 Quick Outfit Ideas For Him:

Straight Leg Jeans + Henley Shirt + Blazer + TOMS

Jeans + Button Down Shirt (Rolled up Sleeves) + Vest + Vans

Jeans + Button Down Shirt + Jacket + Straight Tie + Loafers

A few tips for choosing great outfits:

  • The number one rule for picking outfits for your session: Don’t Match. Coordinate!
  • Start with something you really want to wear and create your outfit from there. Did you buy a vintage dress that you adore or a killer pair of boots? Let it inspire you!
  • Choose a theme color for you and your man’s outfits. Say, navy blue. If he wears a navy blue shirt and a tan jacket, you could choose a bright colored top, a neutral colored pencil skirt, and navy wedges. You could even add a floral scarf that has navy incorporated in it. A theme color is not necessary, but sometimes it aids in choosing awesome outfits!
  • Put together an outfit that you feel reflects your personality. Then, replace one item with something crazy (well, you might think it’s crazy, but we think it’s essential!). Keep reading for a list of “crazies.”:)
  • For Her: Dresses & Skirts. Dressy always photographs well. Dresses look good with flats or heels and even look great paired up with leggings. You can add a belt or a layering piece to change up the look as well.

  • For Her: Tops & Layering. Layering your clothes adds interest to the eye and can be very be slimming to your figure (the first layer keeps everything tight and the second layer hides any extra “fluff”). A simple addition can be adding a camisole underneath your blouse or a cardigan over a frilly top. Easy as pie. And let’s be honest, layering is great for guys, too.

Simple updates that make a big impact:

  • Shoes. Wearing a new pair of shoes can brighten up any old outfit, especially for your man. Choose a pair that will add excitement by picking bold colors and updated shapes.

  • Headbands & Flowers. Adding a headband can be the perfect final touch to your ensemble. A flower in your hair or pinned on your blouse/jacket will add a splash of color and texture that is sure to attract.

  • Scarves. Scarves are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make a positive change in your outfit. They not only add color, but can make any old shirt look like the newest fashion trend. Scarves can also be wrapped and tied in tons of ways, which you can view on this website.
  • Jewelry. Accessorizing with jewelry is a vital part of choosing a great outfit. Adding a mess of pearls, a vintage locket, or a cuff bracelet might be just the thing your outfit is missing.
  • Belts. They range from thick elastic with flowers to thin braided leather. Both styles could make a simple top or dress stellar.

  • Leggings or Tights. Adding a pair of these can make a dress more playful and give you an updated appearance.
  • Coats, Jackets, & Vests. Remember the layering thing we were talking about? For real. It works every time.
  • Suspenders, Bow Ties, & Straight Ties. Your man will thank us that he was confident enough to wear one of these. Why? Because you are going to love the pictures so much more. These little additions to any guy’s outfit will make a huge difference.
  • Hats. We aren’t talking ball caps here. Let your man try a Fedora, a Derby, an Ivy cap, or a Newsboy cap. He will look and feel awesome sporting one of these.

We’ve created a couple ideas for choosing outfits for you and your man that will photography well. See if you can see how we incorporated different aspects of the tips we gave you!

  • Ensemble Idea #1. Dark brown is the theme color here. Notice how the outfit is made up of  earthy colors like pink, gold, and tan, which really soften the dark brown theme.

Ensemble Idea #2. Red is the theme color here. For this outfit, we imagine that the girl found these killer red pumps and decided to choose her outfit around it. The teal laces hint for a teal top. With two bright colors in the outfit, a neutral skirt is necessary. Since the girl’s outfit has so many bright colors, it’s safe for the guy to choose mostly neutral for his outfit and then add a splash of the theme color.

Clothing pictured from: Anthropologie, Modcloth, Urban Outfitters, Ruche, Gap, & Fossil

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