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Meet Allison


I’m Allison and I am one of the children, and family photographers for Double Knot. I have a wonderful husband, a baby boy, and no hobbies other than doting over those two. Some of my favorite things are drinking coffee and sleeping. Babies tend to change your priorities, but when this season passes I think I will enjoy things like reading, traveling, and being the DIY queen.

I started my photography journey capturing giddy brides and grooms on their wedding days. When my son was born, I immediately became a member of the mamarazzi club and made it my goal to capture every second of my little one’s life. I soon fell in love with taking pictures of children and families and sharing the joy of having those pictures to remember forever. I see a picture as more than just a snapshot of a moment: to me it is a memory and a story that takes you back to a time and place that was cherished and awaited.

I love children!!! One of my favorite things to do in life is laugh and have fun, which is why I love being a children and family photographer. I mean, who doesn’t just love some baby rolls, a snaggle tooth, and dimples? And I just melt over fresh, squishy newborn faces. My favorite part of a photo shoot with a family is the memories we make. You can always count on the little ones to tell all your family secrets or completely show out, and I absolutely love it!!!


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